The Story of Us


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Our Start

Our journey has been adventurous.

My brother and I started The California Fruit Wine Company in 2009 with a few thousand dollars and a whole lot of courage. At the time, making fruit wine was a painstaking process - lots of trial and error and hundreds of hours hand-cranking fruit through our manual fruit crusher. And, of course, there was constant learning from occasional batches gone bad.

The Fruit, the Whole Fruit, and Nothing But the Fruit

(Farmer's) Market Tested

From the moment we sold our first bottles at street fairs and farmers markets in San Diego, we knew we were onto something. Craft beer was just becoming the craze, a category ignited by creativity and variety.  We realized people were thirsty for options. Our customers loved that we were fermenting fruit, not just using cheap ingredients like grains! Since then, we have helped beverage enthusiasts of all types break free from the constraints of grape-based traditions by fermenting fruits like mango, pomegranate, cranberry and pineapple, creating an ever-expanding selection of all-natural, refreshing fruit wines and sangrias.

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Wine with roots, not legs

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But we are about much more than just making delicious and refreshing fruit wine. From our inception, we’ve wanted to unleash the power of enterprise as a force for good. While we’ve seen many “give back” models, many models that emphasize company culture, or responsible sourcing, we wanted to go a step further. So we’ve created a company that is democratically run by the employees for the benefit of society unleashing 100% of our profits to create common good. That also means we are NEVER for sale. So you can buy from us while knowing we’re not in this to make a quick buck. No bait and switch here! (Read more bout Our Social Mission here)

Help Us Raise a Glass to Good 

So help us! When you join the Wine Club, tell a friend, or buy our wine around town, you are helping us create a better world. Our all-natural wines and sangrias can be found in high-end grocery chains in multiple states, as well as in innovative restaurants, bars, and hotels throughout Southern California.   From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much! And help us raise a glass to good!     

Alan & Brian