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Storytelling Wizard

FruitCraft is looking to hire a storytelling wizard to take our communications to the next level. This person will be responsible for implementing our communications strategy with our members, influencers, customers, potential customers, and the broader community using email marketing, social media, and PR. The ideal candidate would have the following skills:
*Excellent writer. Has complete command of tone and persona with their writing and can be playful while being eloquent.
*Proficient in HTML. Our email marketing system lives within a very robust enterprise software suite. Managing email communications means having the ability to modify templates through a front-end user interface as well as through the code on the backend.
*Public relations experience. Understands how the broader press world works and how we can use earned media and press to keep our brand top-of-mind as a trendy thought leader.

Strong candidates will have experience with creating automated email drip campaigns, social media management, graphic design, press releases, and general communications management.

Other strengths include:
High attention to detail. Organized. Technically-minded. Pro-active. Learner. Ability to work in a team and prioritize tasks to get things done on time.

We look forward to reviewing your application!