Handcrafted Varietals

Wine snobs, prohibited. Beverage enthusiasts, welcome!

Our world has seen an explosion of new foods and flavors from all corners of the earth. Gone are the days of tradition. Here are the days of creative expression for the foodie in us all!

We embody this adventurous spirit. Where most beer, whiskey, and other spirits are fermented from starch-rich ingredients like grains, wheat, corn, rice, or potatoes; and where most wine is fermented exclusively from grapes; we thought it made sense to do what nature does naturally and ferment some of the highest quality ingredients on earth - fruit - and turn them into an ever expanding bouquet of one-of-a-kind fruit wines.

We invite you to experience the wide-array of wines. Whether in the afternoon on a hot summer day, whether paired with Asian or Latin american cuisine, or whether used as a base in your own signature craft cocktail, please enjoy!

We believe an open mind is worth way more than the rarest French wine collection.

So cheers to new experiences! To breaking out of the mold. To unleashing our adventurous spirit. To being a trend-setter and not just a trend-follower. To join us in becoming a fruit wine fanatic!


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Because why should grapes have all the fun?!

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Pineapple + Mango Sangria


A perfect blend of our tropical Pineapple Wine and smooth Mango Wine. 

ABV: 11% RS: 3.5% PH: 3.5

Pomegranate + Cherry Sangria


A perfect blend of our fruity Pomegranate Wine and tart Cherry Wine.  

ABV: 11% RS: 3.5% PH: 3.6

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There are few fruits loved around the world like mangos, which is what makes this Mango Wine so appealing. Handcrafting wine from mangos is a particularly delicate process and requires low fermentation temperatures to preserve the volatile character and aromas. This is the perfect wine when you’re in the mood for something flavorful, but not overpowering. 

ABV: 11% RS: 5.5% PH: 3.3

Pomegranate Wine


A refreshing Pomegranate Wine that is both tart and fruity. Our Pomegranate Wine is handcrafted from freshly-pressed pomegranate juice sourced directly from our growers in Central California. Perfect for those times of day when you’re looking for something refreshing.

ABV: 11% RS: 3.0% PH: 3.2

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Pineapple Wine


A tangy Pineapple Wine with bright tropical notes, this is the perfectly refreshing drink for relaxing on a patio or poolside on a hot day. Pineapples are one of the most flavorful fruits around, so it’s no wonder our Pineapple Wine is bursting with such delicious tropical character.

ABV: 11% RS: 1.5% PH: 3.6

Cranberry Wine


Did you know that cranberries are one of just a few fruits native to North America? Our crisp Cranberry Wine is refreshing and fruit forward, and quite often a fan favorite. If you love cranberries, your will love this delicious Cranberry Wine. 

ABV: 11% RS: 4.0% PH: 3.0

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Pumpkin Spice Wine


Our delicate pumpkin spice wine is the perfect complement for the fall. After fermentation, we spice the wine with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger. It’s great for when you are looking for the perfect balance of sweet and spice.

ABV: 11% RS: 4.0% PH: 3.65