Tasting Room

Located in the Hillcrest neighborhood of san diego

How does a free tasting flight sound? We'll you're in luck, to celebrate the launch our of new tasting room in San Diego, we're giving away free three-taste flights! Get yours today!

Beverage Enthusiasts Welcome.

At CFWco, we are equal opportunist fermentors. Where breweries ferment mostly grains and wheat, and where wineries ferment exclusively grapes, we ferment some of the highest quality ingredients that nature offers us; fruit! From pineapples, to cranberries, from pomegranates to blood oranges, the sky is the limit as we help expand your discerning palate to the world of refreshing fruit wines.

Stop by to taste the wines and interact with our team, seek us out for date night, or come buy a couple bottles of fruit wine to share with your friends!

In addition to our wonderful wines, we also have a delicious and affordable tapas menu so that you're not drinking on an empty stomach! We also serve guest wines and beers for your friends who may not yet be bitten by the fruit wine bug.

Our tasting room is a true expression of the local community. We operate as a form of cooperative called a worker cooperative, where the employees are not hired-hands but worker owners. We serve our customers with passion and with charisma. And we invite each of you to join us in our effort to unlock the power of business for good (read about our mission here).

If you like the wine and like our vibe, consider joining our local wine club membership by committing to 2 bottles ($27 w/member discount) or 4 bottles ($51 w/member discount) which will get you access to our exclusive monthly member parties, 20% store-wide discounts, free tastes for you and 2 friends monthly, and early access to our new releases.

Stop by and join us in raising a glass to good! We look forward to seeing you!

Enjoy a Taste on us 

For a limited time, we're offering complimentary tasting flights to celebrate the opening of our new tasting room! Just fill out the form below to claim yours.